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Our Latest Task
We'd like to see Rockstar Games allow us to put emergency vehicles in our garages. It helps the roleplaying community continue to roleplay.

If you agree, sign the petition here:http://chn.ge/17ISgcx
We currently have 4,041 supporters!
Our first goal is 1
00. Our second goal is 250. Our third goal is 500!
Our next goal is 5000.

Mission Statement
At the United Clans Organization, we follow the same concept as the United Nations. We want to establish peace, prosperity and security to the current GTA clan world and in the future GTA clan world as well. We want clans and gamers to join an organization that cares because at UCO, "We Care".

Message from our DepSecGen
Our organization is currently looking for clans to join us! This may include you! Apply to see if you are eligible to join the United Clans Organization today!

We are also looking for personnel! We are in need of friendly people who can learn fast and help our member clans. Apply today!

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4/7/2014 - DOD Forums, and Member Application has been updated.
3/30/2014 - "Clans in UCO" tab has been updated, you can now click on the clans name to visit there website.
UCO would like to welcome TGx Whiteout to the Administrative team as the Director-General of the Department of Development.
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